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It is our mission to launch KINGDOM STORYTELLERS & ASPIRING FILMMAKERS from all over the world into successful independent screenwriters and filmmakers. Through our programs and services, we aim to MENTOR, TRAIN and EQUIP on both the craft and business side of independent filmmaking -  with invaluable frameworks and strategies, essential tools and film industry contacts.

 FilmBusters Academy aims to be the #1 Training Program & Community for Kingdom Storytellers and Aspiring Filmmakers in order to become the next generation of FILMBUSTERS KINGDOM MOVEMENT MOVIEMAKERS!

Eric & Jill Bugbee Founders of FilmBusters Academy

Jill & Eric Bugbee, Founders | Mentors

We are a husband-and-wife team and have been working together for almost 20  years, with over 45 years combined experience in Film, TV & Video Production, Development and Distribution. Since 2004 we have produced corporate and marketing videos with over 750 productions to date, helping businesses and organizations get their valuable messages out to their audiences.


In September 2015, we released our first feature-length independent film Heroes of Dirt (PG-13), which debuted in limited theatrical release into 60 U.S. markets and received great reviews. One New York critic from Rotten Tomatoes wrote about our film as "exhilarating, captivating, inspiring, heartwarming..." We helmed it from the ground up with story development, scriptwriting, casting, producing, directing, editing, marketing and distribution. Wearing “all hats” for the executive positions of our independent movie gave us unprecedented, full-gamut experience of independent filmmaking and distribution.

Our movie was named one of "75 Movies to Watch This Fall" by New York Magazine / Vulture, listed with big titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre, The Martian and more. Our biggest promoters were ESPN, USA BMX and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Currently, we have several Film & TV projects in development, which we plan to produce with our production company. Our focus is developing and producing RIFF (Redemptive, Inspirational, Family or Faith) content, which aims to take our audience on gripping, impactful and transformational journeys. We are continuously fostering relationships in the film industry for strategic partnerships.


More than our credentials and experience, we will give real talk and show you our misses and mistakes along the way, so you can avoid them. We believe you'll gain more value from our authenticity and lessons learned than from any formal education or pre-recorded coursework currently available out there. We want to share the secrets of our success and demystify independent filmmaking.


Teachers tell you the steps, but mentors show you the scars!

Helming our first independent film was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of our lives.  From story concept and development to writing the script, raising the funds, shooting the film, editing it, then getting it marketed and distributed ...took seven years! 

That's took us 7 years to make our first movie!


Our students don't have to.

We gained expertise and experience along the way, but most importantly, valuable lessons and "must-have / can't miss" elements for any future Film & TV project. If we knew from the start what we know now, it would have saved us not only from losing years, money and opportunities, but from much frustration, disappointment and anguish.

From both the success and failure points of our first film, we now have an arsenal of essential frameworks and tools to share with aspiring filmmakers so they can avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls, and have the right roadmap and strategies for success.

In 2016 we founded a nonprofit organization, Arise & Shine Ministries, aimed at inspiring and helping Christian artists and creatives thrive in their career - both in craft and business.  We developed a heart to build a strong community to share inspiration, encouragement and creative expressions.

In 2021 we moved to the SW region of Atlanta, GA where the film industry has quickly grown to become a leader in productions, where the biggest movies are made. Our network of seasoned film industry contacts has also grown tremendously.


Our past 20 years experience together as filmmakers, video producers, entrepreneurs, project managers, writers, creatives and ministry leaders has been culminating to this divine convergence for us  — to become mentors and trainers in the art of storytelling and the business of producing, not just for people in arts and entertainment, but for brothers and sisters in Christ.


Now, we're ready to serve a global community of impact-driven, message-minded and heart-centered Kingdom storytellers and filmmakers who want to influence culture for Christ and advance His Kingdom!

👉🏽 Journey with us as we INSPIRE, TRAIN and EQUIP you in our FilmBusters Story Development, FilmBusters Strategic Blueprint, and our other Programs and Services to help you make your film project successfully, get it distributed worldwide, and create a thriving career as a Kingdom storyteller and independent filmmaker.


Your Filmmaker Mentors,

Eric & Jill Bugbee  



First BMX Movie in 30 Years

  • About a young man's passion to achieve greatness in the sport of BMX but realizes true significance by mentoring a troubled teen

  • Currently sold in international territories and available via VOD worldwide


  • Limited theatrical release by major theater chains and independent theaters into 60 U.S. markets

  • Named one of "75 Movies to Watch" in 2015 by New York Magazine / Vulture, listed with Star Wars: Force Awakens, The Martian, Sicario, Room and more

HOD Theater.jpg
NY Mag & Vulture Logo.png
Heroes of Dirt - BMX movie named one of 75 Movies To Watch Fall 2015
Heroes of Dirt Official Movie Poster

"This powerful mentoring story is a great reflection of one-to-one mentoring relationships that change kids’ lives for the better…forever."



 Pam Iorio, President

Big Brothers and Sisters of America

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

 "Writer / Director Eric Bugbee along with co-writers Jill Bugbee, Bob Massey and Kevyn Bashore deserve to be commended for finding just the right balance between plot and character development while concurrently keeping the film grounded in humanism with its heart on its sleeve at all times. They also avoid resorting to preachiness, although there are more than a few inspirational, positive messages for audiences to take home with them by the time the end credits roll.


Ultimately, Heroes of Dirt combines the best elements of Hollywood and arthouse films: it's equally tender, heartwarming, relatable and inspirational while remaining a captivating, exhilarating and thrilling experience."



 Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

8.85/10 Score


Rotten Tomatoes logo

Meet The Team

 Eric Bugbee - Director  |  Writer  |  Producer

Eric Bugbee

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Director  |  Writer  |  Producer

Eric loves to weave cinematic drama and action with thematic elements of faith, love, courage and perseverance, to create films that inspire audiences to live for a higher purpose and leave lasting legacies.


For over 25 years since graduating from Penn State's Film Program, Eric has worked in Entertainment and Media  - from fashion shows in NYC, regional sports TV broadcast, and corporate video production services to feature film development, production and distribution.

Jill Bugbee - Producer  |  Executive Director of Development

Jill Bugbee

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Producer  |  EVP Development

With over 20 years experience in project management, and over 18 years in film / video production and business ownership, Jill is a skilled multi-tasker, a natural networker and a passionate entrepreneur.


Graduating from USC with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, a minor in Business Administration, and an active membership in the Trojan Entertainment Network, Jill uses her critical thinking mind and love for movies, TV shows and music to develop stories, manage film projects and mentor artists and creatives. She is a proud mother of two, a published author and an avid songwriter.

Kevyn Bashore - Writer

Kevyn Bashore

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Writer  |  Director  |  Script Consultant

Kevyn has an eye for elevating concepts, story, characters, visuals, and conflict. He is passionate about the power of storytelling and imparting wisdom when he teaches and consults.

For over 35 years since graduating with a Masters in Film at Temple University, Kevyn has a demonstrated history of working in the Entertainment and Media Industry. He began his career on the east coast as a singer, stage actor, theater director, later transferring his artist vision into photography, commercials and film production. He is currently in SAG-AFTRA and has completed screenplays and TV pilots.

Heroes of Dirt Los Angeles Premiere
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