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FilmBusters Kingdom Storyteller Challenge
FilmBusters Academy Strategic Blueprint
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FilmBusters Accelerator Mentorship & Training

Our signature, year-long group coaching program aims to become the #1 Training Program and Community for Kingdom Storytellers & Aspiring Feature Filmmakers.  We mentor, train and equip with our FilmBusters Story Development Program, FilmBusters Strategic Blueprint, FilmBusters 360 Workshops and FilmBusters Masterminds programs to help students become successful independent filmmakers. On a frequent basis, we also bring in film industry leaders and professionals as guest speakers to inspire our students, and share their experience and expertise in each step of the filmmaking process.

FilmBusters Story Development Program

Join our intensive 3-month group mentorship, coaching and training program for Aspiring Kingdom Storytellers and turn your God-inspired story into a movie! Through our self-paced FilmBusters Story Treatment full course training with workshop and templates, you will produce a movie treatment document with a full scene-by-scene plot structure format - the proven foundation to writing a winning screenplay. You will also benefit from our weekly coaching encouragement / praying together,  "hotseating your project" and various key film industry guest speakers.

FilmBusters Masterminds

Join our special 1-day virtual or in-person live event meetings with today's film industry leaders and professionals from both the Independent Film and Hollywood ecosystems.  While your mastermind group members discuss current trends, brainstorm innovative solutions and share expertise together, you will gain invaluable knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to set strong goals for success.

FilmBusters 360 Workshops

Get that essential document and tool developed and ready for your film project as you participate in our fundamental online group workshops, covering both the craft and business side of making Independent Feature Films and TV shows.  These necessary elements will build your Investor Package and Distributor Package.

  • Story Development & Treatment

  • Screenwriting

  • Marketing & Distribution Plan  

  • Film & TV Pitch Package

  • Pitch Deck | Query Letter

  • Film Financing | Budgeting Plan

  • Investor Pitch Package

  • Film Teaser Production

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FilmBusters Academy Workshop Courses
Workspace with young professionals


Film Project Consultation

Whether at the very start of your film project, in the middle of production, or finished and ready for distribution to your target audience, our team can sit down 1-on-1 with you and your team to strategize the best solutions and options available to make your film a success. We can also offer film industry contacts as needed for your specific needs.

Story / Script Consultation

If you have a story concept, treatment or screenplay for which you need professional assessment and input, our team of IMDB-credited writers can read your script, provide notes, and speak with you 1-on-1 to help you craft your story into a script that not only works to captivate your audience, but deliver the message you want.  All reads will guarantee a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement to protect your story.

VIP Workshops

 You can schedule a private online workshop with us to uniquely help you and your team develop and finish the essential documents you need for your film project. Choose from one of our highly-coveted, step-by-step development workshops listed under our programs above.

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